Portrait by  Diego Maldonado        A visual...
Portrait by Diego Maldonado

A visual storyteller based in Ecuador, he is a member of Diversify Photo and The Everyday Projects. He is also an Alumni VII Foundation Academy Photo InsiderHe produces photographic and audiovisual content on Edu-Communication, Human Rights, and Territory. David has collaborated with Bloomberg NewsDeutsche Presse AgenturPanos Picturesand GK News.

Assignments for The United Nations campaigns. His work has been published in National Geographic, NPR, BBC News, The Washington Post, El País, Amnesty Press, G1Global News, Bloomberg L.P, Clarín, Bistandsaktuelt, DulceEquisNegra Magazine, and El Salto Diario, amongst others.

Awards & Exhibitions 

- Selected Portfolio Review / The New York Times 2024
- Selected Program for Narrative and Documentary Photography Practice L2 / VII Academy 2024
- Selected Program South and Central America: Photojournalism and Documentary L1 / VII Academy 2023 
- Traveling Exhibition U.S.A "Inside the Curve: Stories from the Pandemic" / National Geographic 2023
- Collective published in the book "Inside the Curve: Stories from the Pandemic" / National Geographic 2022

- Selected participant/ National Geographic StoryTellers Summit 2022 
- Collective Exhibition/ Museum of the City "Memory of the social of October’"Ecuador 2021 
- Winner/ Journalism Grant "Ilegal Fishing in Galápagos" GK - Internews. Ecuador 2021 
- Selected participant/ National Geographic StoryTellers Summit 2021 
- Collective Winner/ XXVII Edition of the "Jorge Mantilla Ortega Journalism Contest" Ecuador 2020 
- Collective Exhibition/ Photoville Festival "The Far-reaching from COVID-19" New York 2020
- Exhibition/ GetxoPhoto International Image Festival, "Back to the streets" España 2020
- Collective Winner/ National Geographic COVID-19 Emergency Found for Journalist 2020 
- Collective Winner/ King's College London "The Visual Methodologies Found" England 2020 
- Exhibition/ FestFoto Photo Festival of Porto Alegre, "Emergências do Sul Global" Brasil 2020
- Exhibition/ Auditorio Kraft CCNV,  "Mujer y Memoria" Argentina 2020 
- Selected/ The Year in Pictures for Bloomberg LP, New York 2019 
- Portfolio Review/ San José International Photo Festival, partner PH Museum, Uruguay 2018
- Exhibition/ Sucede Cuando Callamos "We are Culture" Private Collage of Loja, Ecuador 2017
- Portfolio Review/ San José International Photo Festival, partner NatGeo, Uruguay 2016 
- Selected participant/ Documentary Film Projects "Miradas Contemporáneas", Ecuador 2016 
- Collective Exhibition/ Fluz "Sucede Cuando Callamos" Ecuador 2015 
- Selected/ Photographic and Audiovisual Record of the Cultural Heritage, UNESCO 2015

David Diaz

David Diaz is an Ecuadorian audiovisual communicator and documentary visual storyteller.
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